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Kindness is its distinctive quality, as far-as I have sampled it, and I hope I may have many opportunities of sampling it further. The house is all upside down for the ball. Wherever one goes one finds lines and lines of waiters arranging tables.

But the more difflcult it is the more I feel I ought to stay. The question of my position with regard to the correspondence with Egypt is not yet definitely settled but I think it is practically certain that I shall be appointed. I shall have to come more strictly under official control and I should not be able to leave this country without very good cause shown, like any other person with a Job here.

Mike’s Crab House

The magic lantern slides are lovely, it was most exciting seeing them. Of course I will take the Mothers’ Meeting on Wednesday. I will find out about sending out the invitations.

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I’ve got a dog, an extremely nice dog of the country. It sleeps in my tent and he is perfectly charming. His name is Kurt, which is Turkish for Wolf. Elsa and I had a delicious day this week in the Eske Valley, at Glaisdale. We both fell into the river and were wet through and we agreed it was very nice to have reached an age when you can’t be scolded and yet still like doing the things you would be scolded for. So we went to a silk shop, and the most delightful gentleman in China showed us for two hours the loveliest stuffs I have ever seen.

White Claw Surge

He received us with all courtesy, but it was only pretence. Presently the one_eyed ruffian came into our camp, examined all our possessions and asked for everything in turn. We thought at first to get off with the loss of a revolver, but it ended by my having to surrender my Zeiss glass also to my infinite annoyance. He got no encouragement from them and I do not know that any of the threats were more than words. They are said to be still more unfortunate in their ancestry than the Wadi Sulaiman.

When you consider what a strange sight I must be to these people who have never seen a European it is remarkable that they leave me so unmolested. The reply has not yet come from Damascus, but the Kaimmakam thinks they can’t refuse the permit so I wait with an easy mind. I am sending letters up to Damascus to-night and this shall go with them. I have spent the day receiving–and returning)–visits from the notables of Amman and it has been very amusing. Also I took a long walk with the Kaimmakam in the afternoon and had an interesting talk with him. He is a very nice man, but these Christians always give me a hopeless feeling.

Meet the Crinkle Cookie Inspired by a Cantonese Black Sesame Dessert Soup

They raid all across to the Euphrates and have a resounding name for devilry–reckless courage. We marched oVer stones all day, and marched far, being waterless. At 4 in the afternoon we reached a khabra nearly dry and after some time we espied the smoke of Arab tents far off and camped hastily, hoping that they would not notice us.

  • I’m glad I came but I long for news of you.
  • Finally I hit on one who seemed satisfactory and learnt from him that he had accompanied Lord Sykes into Asia Minor.
  • And last of all came an old blind man in a white turban, leaning on a stick.
  • It was so fine this afternoon, a rough sea almost up to the esplanade.
  • It was a mild bout and I’m better but I am going this afternoon for change of air to a sort of big rest house attached to our officers’ hospital a few miles down river.

For which I shall pay about 18 pounds and sell him at the end for no less, I hope. The keep is very little, Dr. Rosen says, and you see the alternative would be to use theirs. Now they have only 3 for their 3 selves and I already have all my meals except breakfast with them, so don’t think I can infringe further on their hospitality. In April she went to Algiers with her father to stay with some of his relations, afterwards going back to Switzerland, and then joining Maurice, who was established in a German family at Weimar that he might learn the language.

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Yesterday we had a most entertaining man at the Political Office. He is a famous camel doctor and I had heard of him up and down Arabia. He knows every man in the desert and every man knows him. He can go anywhere with perfect security thanks to his remedy for mange, whatever it is.

  • After a quarter of an hour it had to be turned and recovered and the result is most delicious eaten hot; it becomes rather wooden when it is cold.
  • The keep is very little, Dr. Rosen says, and you see the alternative would be to use theirs.
  • A gentleman called Fendi, from here, guides us to-morrow.
  • The children have had a tennis court marked in the square.
  • The Hohenzollern anchored nearly opposite the Piazzetta and we saw the King and Queen and a crowd of splendid officers Come up in a steam launch all hung with blue.

Where i might well spend a great many more mornings. I lunched at home and went afterwards with Reinach and Ricci to a Byzantine Museum not yet open to the public. I don’t begin to know, but I begin to see what there is to know. I dined with the Stanleys and went with Aunt Maisie to the new Donnay play–absolutely charming.


I rode my mare all day, for I can come and go more easily upon her, but when we get into the heart of the desert I shall ride a camel. Three hours from Dumeir we came to some water pools which are dry in summer and here we filled r skins, for where we are camping there is no water. There was a keen wind, rising sometimes into a violent storm which brought gusts of hail upon us, but fortunately it was behind us so that it did not do us much harm.